The impetus

One of the realities of a writer’s existence is that every experience becomes fodder for a story. Over time and tellings the story is honed — edited, one might say, albeit mentally. It is shaped and molded to explore the full potential of its ever-revealing nuances based on the circumstances of its retelling  and the nature of the listener. The turn of phrase may change to mirror the times or the eagerness of the audience. These are the kinds of stories that close associates roll their eyes over. They’ve heard these yarns before. Nevertheless,they are the sum and substance of this writer’s life. It’s time to tell them in writing. Not to give them tangibility for they will be forever morphing as long as I live and there are new ears to hear. But, just because .  . . it’s fun to see them in writing. This incarnation of them anyway. Thanks for ‘listening.’ Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “The impetus

  1. Split that word you have “pass” and “age.” The one thing we don’t get is a pass on age. Looking for your future explorations of both.

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