‘Write’ is pretty straightforward. ‘Passage’ is another matter altogether. There’s passage as in the act or prospect of passing. As in masquerading as someone or something other — a definition full of promise for any scribe. Or a passage of time, richer still! And what about passage as a journey? One thinks of navigating a fun house hall of mirrors or  watching a ship disappearing into dense fog or  embarking on a passage from robust adulthood into the maze of older, riper age. Or, the right to come and go freely, as in safe passage. That one single word — passage — conjures much for the writer’s imagination and imaginings, all of which she plans to put down here in the form of passages of the written word. May your passage into this storyteller’s world be richly rewarded.

Let’s begin with the story about the picture above . . .

5 thoughts on “Passages

  1. Dear Belle- We’re delighted that you are back in the blogging game! We can now look forward to being delighted every week with one of your little jewels.

    Steve and Cathy


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